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Autumn April action

Mulch aeration with a small garden fork

Aerate mulch regularly

We have now arrived at the middle of autumn when the soil is still warm but the cooler weather is just around the corner.

Aerate mulch a few times a week if you have the time.  The milder heat of the autumn days will maximise the decomposing of mulch – so give it a helping hand by regularly turning over.

Start planting the winter vegetables now if you haven’t already done so, including  mushrooms, shallots, garlic and rosemary, all of which add great flavours to your winter dishes.


Tidy up tips

Gardenia trimming

Trimming your gardenia

Your garden still needs attention, and tidying up now will keep your garden in tip top condition.  Lightly prune lavender and gardenias if flowering appears to have come to an end.

Remove summer annuals and rejuvenate the soil with good compost.  Replant the area with something which will add colour to your garden such as violas and pansies.

If planting bulbs such as gladiolus or hyacinths, keep them in the fridge for about six weeks before planting for best results.  You should have a vibrant display by spring.

When taking cuttings from other perennials or natives to replant elsewhere in your garden or donate to friends, family or neighbours, dip them in Vegemite or honey to assist with propagation.

Sunscreen, hat and sunglass for added protection in the garden

Slip, slop, slap in Autumn too

Don’t forget to slip, slop, slap

Many people forget to protect themselves when working out in the garden in autumn.  From September right through to April the UV rays are still quite dangerous yet due to the milder weather, people neglect to cover themselves with protective clothing or sunscreen.


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