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March into autumn – early seasonal tips

Separating the overgrowth

Dividing overgrown plants

A new garden emerges

Now that summer is drawing to a close, it is a great time to plant new shrubs and trees before the heavy rains of winter arrive.  The milder days will still provide some great growing assistance and allow the plants to take hold before winter.  Some of your new plantings can come from overgrown plants in your garden or the gardens of your neighbours or family.  Some plants can be divided and shared with other loving gardeners or repositioned in another part of your own yard. 

A blooming rose

A rose in full bloom will now be a feature of your garden due to the very light pruning and attention you gave it last month.  Unfortunately the rapid new growth may have also attracted aphids and unless you have an abundance of ladybirds flitting around your garden, the aphids may prove difficult to handle. 

Red roses in bloom

A rose in bloom

Depending on your gardening preferences, your local nursery or garden centre will be able to advise you on products that will help reduce the invasion of aphids this month. 

Don’t give your roses a heavy prune until the winter months. 



Add to your stockpot

Last month’s vegetable patch plantings have resulted in a great start to your autumn vegetable collection.  Try adding broccoli, broad beans, turnips and onions to further expand your autumn pot preparation.

Fallen leaves

Gathering fallen leaves for compost

Consider your composting needs

If you don’t already own a compost bin, now is the time to purchase one.  The deciduous trees will start to lose their leaves shortly and what better way to clean up around the garden than reuse the fallen foliage and benefit the rest of the garden by generating your own compost!

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