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Debbie and Anthony’s family friendly garden

Nineteen years ago, Anthony and Debbie found their dream location to set up home.  Within walking distance of the beach and plenty of garden space their garden has now been transformed into a space utilised by adults, children, pets and wildlife with sustainability in mind.

A 5000 litre water tank and grey water system contribute to the irrigation requirements of the garden.








Raised garden beds are home to ever changing crops including corn, capsicum, silverbeet, snow peas, tomatoes and carrots.  Pathways between the garden beds are lined with mulch to allow for easy access to crops all the way around.

Small glass houses provide a great growing space for seedlings which are eventually planted in the garden, shared with family and friends or donated to their children’s schools for sale at fundraising fetes.

An open compost bin has been introduced after Anthony found the enclosed bin difficult to aerate and keep healthy.  The new compost method includes two sections to ensure a constant healthy recycling process is available.  Branches are left to break down and are used as further mulch topping for the garden beds.

Garden features include an apricot tree and a white peach. Imitation banana palms create a feeling of tropical resorts and brush fencing panels against standard suburban fences provides a natural look to the perimeter.

A relatively new garden features a pond which recycles its own water using a solar pump.  A kangaroo paw has thrived in sandy soil with Debbie ensuring it does not get over watered.

A large grassed area has become a playground for the children, a food source for the rabbit and guinea pig, an open space for the dog – the result of careful planning, soil preparation and nurturing.  Anthony and Debbie’s children are always eager to provide gardening tips and demonstrate how they have become to enjoy gardening and the rewards it brings.



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