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February Gardening tips – summer is coming to an end

Hedge trimming

Trimming overgrown hedges

Trim, trim, trim

Our gardens grow very quickly in beautiful warm weather and following summer rains, so it’s time to get out in the garden in February. Apart from any weeding required, our hedges, climbers and espaliers are also in need of a little attention.  Trim back your hedges, neaten up your climbers and secure any out of control branches to bring your garden back to its previous wonder. 

Prepare for the cooler evenings

As the onset of summer brings cravings for salads, the end of summer sees us looking forward to the occasional casserole or roast dinner.  If you would rather grow your own produce for late autumn meals, now is the time to plant your Brussels sprouts, carrots, leeks, parsnips, sweet potatoes and other favourites.  Continue to water your vegetables as required to avoid drying out and losing your upcoming autumn crop. 

Aerating with a fork

Using a garden fork to aerate

Out and about in the garden

Trim the dead foliage of your roses and give them a good water and feed.  If the soil seems somewhat dry, try aerating with a fork and then irrigating to encourage the water to penetrate where it is needed most instead of flowing elsewhere on your property. 

Feed citrus trees and cut back on any self-seeding plants in your garden if you prefer not to encourage recurring growth. 


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