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Seasonal Gardening Tips – Healthy Urban Habitat

seasonal gardening tips and ideas for spring

The smell of spring is in the air.

September Seasonal Gardening Tips

Spring has finally arrived and the garden is alive and buzzing with activity. The weather is getting warmer and the garden beckons.

We’ve got 10 top gardening tips and ideas to help get your garden in shape for summer!

Seasonal gardening planting tips

1. The seeds you’ve planted during the cooler season will start to sprout this month.

2. Consider planting a herb garden early spring – come summer your seedlings will have grown in time for the BBQ season.

3. Why not add some colour to your garden? – If you’re thinking of planting natives, choose varieties that attract birds to your garden.

Follow our seasonal tips to make the most out of your spring garden.

Make the most of spring in your garden.

Jobs to tackle this month – weeding

4. Now that it’s not so chilly outside, it’s a good time to eliminate those pesky weeds.

5. Do a little and often to save you spending a whole weekend removing them.

6. Once you’ve removed them, to help discourage further growth, add some mulch around your garden beds.

General garden maintenance

7. Time to turn your compost piles to assist with healthy decomposition.

8. Prune spring-flowering plants once their flowering ends to avoid pruning off new buds with the old later in the season.

9. Give established fruit trees a good feed to encourage healthy growth and help prevent disease.

10. As the weather warms up, remember indoor plants need more regular watering – to save water wash your vegetables in a bowl and reuse the water on your plants.

Whether you garden is big or small, this season is one of the best times of year to be outdoors. If you’re seeking more seasonal tips or garden design ideas this spring, why not visit an open garden in your area?

Top seasonal gardening tip - remember to turn over your compost.

Remember to turn over your compost this month.

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