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Hot tips for summer’s start – December gardening tips

Summer is the season for tomatoes

A summer salad favourite

Tomatoes love starting off in the warmer weather so early summer is the best time to begin preparing your summer crop.  Choose whether you would prefer vine or bush tomatoes, select seeds or seedlings and ensure your soil is rich.  If you have had tomatoes in your preferred area in recent years, select a new position in your garden to support good crop rotation methods.  Vine tomatoes can be placed about 45cm apart but allow at least twice that for bush tomatoes. 

Try not to over water your crop but ensure the roots and surrounding soil do not dry out.  Feed regularly throughout the growing season and try not to pick the fruit until it is a vibrant red and ripe.  If green tomatoes don’t appear to be ripening, help them along by covering with a sheet of clear plastic or pick them and leave them on a window sill to ripen.

Entice beneficial critters to your garden

Give your garden a natural helping hand

Encourage more visitors to your garden by introducing small features such as tiny nesting boxes which will not only attract birds but will provide areas for insects to gather.  Even a discreet old log will attract a few beneficial critters from an attractive ladybird who will consume aphids to a centipede which will devour slugs.



Ensure your garden has a variety of vegetables and flowering plants.  This will not only look great but help with attracting wildlife and limiting diseases associated with gardens where large areas are planted out with only one or two species.

General tasks around the garden

Keep a regular check on weeds as the summer winds tend to bring in unwanted additions.  The sooner you remove them, the better chance of long term eradication.

Watch out for overcrowding in your vegge patch

Check your vegetable patch for overcrowding and don’t hesitate on pulling out some to give the others more room.  The more space they have to grow, the better the crop you will get.

Top up your garden with good mulch and ensure those plants needing support are properly secured to frames or wires.

 Look out for our January garden tips soon!


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