Greening the West:

Green Initiatives in the West

  • 1 Million Trees Set To Green Melbourne’s West An ambitious plan to green the western suburbs of Melbourne.

  • Greening the West have officially launched their strategic plan The Greening the West strategic plan has been released.

  • Green Initiatives in the West – Healthy Urban Habitat Greening the West aims to positively impact the health status, climate and environment of Melbourne’s west by increasing the tree canopy cover and vegetation through its suburbs.

  • Benefits of tree canopy cover and vegetation Melbourne’s western suburbs are some of the fastest growing areas in Australia. They are also drier and often warmer than other parts of Melbourne.

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Greening the West Community Consultation

A Greening the West Strategic Plan is currently being written to guide the initiative. This has been informed through consultation with members of our Steering Committee and extensive community consultation.

Recycled water

Alternative water use within the community

City West Water’s Water Solutions department works on projects to provide alternative water, including recycled water, stormwater and sewer mining projects, to our customers.