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Inheriting a tank at your newly purchased property

Rainwater tank in an established garden

Rainwater tank in an established garden

If you haven’t owned a tank before, spend some time undertaking a thorough inspection and don’t hesitate to ask friends or professionals for assistance on how to care for and get the best out of your rainwater tank.  Your inspection should include:

  • the existence of holes in the tank or on the roof surface of the tank
  • That the water is clear and contains no odour
  • Leaf litter guards are securely fitted
  • Roofing and guttering material where rainwater is captured are safe and non toxic
  • Trees do not have overhanging branches
  • The existence of contaminants (see above) which may pollute your water supply
  • Pipe diameters which connect your rainwater supply to pumps and outlets should match the pump pressure capacity.  This may require inspection by a plumber.

Idle tanks

Tanks may become idle over time, due to a range of reasons.  If it does, remember an unused tank may –

  • Attract rats, mice and mosquitos
  • Be better off being drained and removed completely if the tank will not be used again
  • If left empty, crack or become a safety risk in high winds
  • Need to be filled with a enough water to ensure its stability

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