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Garden Soil Facts & All You Need Know – Healthy Urban Habitat

Get to know your soil and how to care for it

What Garden Soil Can I Expect To Find In My Backyard?

Many regions within the City West Water service area have urbic soils. These garden soils have been significantly altered by human activity.  These are often found in areas of new development, housing estates and new builds. Urbic soils can often be challenging for the home gardener to work with as the heavy clay subsoil has often been brought to the surface, while the topsoil has been removed.  This type of soil often contains remnants of rubble, builders’ waste and spoil material. 


Find out your garden soil type, your area’s estimated yearly rainfall by using the tool below.

CWW0159_SoilFunctionality_Icon[1]2Soil type and rainfall calculator 

Visit our information detailing the garden soil types. Discover what your garden soil base should be in Brimbank, Moonee Valley,Yarra, Hobsons Bay, Maribyrnong, Melton, Wyndham, Melbourne and Hume.  Soils can differ depending on human intervention so get to know your soil and how to care for it.  

Discover what garden soil type you have in your backyard and how to work with what you have. Read our articles on – 




Information in the soil series articles provided by Helen Tuton


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