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Healthy Urban Habitat – Sustainable Gardening Video Series

Ellie and Yasir’s Sustainable Vegetable Gardens

Find out how it all began.

Find out how Ellie Johnson winner of the Healthy Urban Habitat sustainable gardening competition and finalist Yasir Muhummad got inspired to create and design their sustainable vegetable gardens and the positive benefits it has brought them.

Ellie’s Inner City OasisElllie's sustainable vegetable garden

Ellie became interested in growing her own food when she became a vegetarian three years ago. Living across the road from the regular farmers market, she has been able to learn about different types of vegetables, fruit and herbs.  It is through her connections in the farmers market that she has been able to source some very unusual additions to her vegetable garden. For someone so young, Ellie has learnt so much about gardening much of which has come about from interacting with elderly neighbours or researching garden books and the internet. 

Watch Ellie as she introduces us to her garden and shares what motivated her to create raised vegetable garden beds in her inner city backyard.


Read more sustainable gardening practices Ellie has introduced into her garden including:

  • different types of edibles she has planted
  • water efficient elements she has added
  • and good gardening habbits she follows.

Yasir’s Family Friendly Edible Green Space

Yasir's sustainable vegetable garden.

Yasir’s sustainable vegetable garden.

Yasir works in a demanding IT role with the Defence Force and finds comfort and relaxation in gardening. He is originally from a farming family in Pakistan, immigrating to Australia 10 years ago and  is now concentrating on establishing a garden in his new country. 

Yasir has sustainability in mind at all times when considering new ways to garden. He limits drinking water use wherever possible to reduce the cost of increasing water bills and maintains a natural healthy way of watering by utilising rain water.

Despite the garden appearing small, 60kg of tomatoes alone were harvested last year and friends and family are able to help themselves to the crops they would like to take home.

Watch Yasir explain how he has transformed his existing garden to a family friendly vegetable garden. 

Read more sustainable gardening practices Yasir has created into his garden including:

  • different plant varieties he has planted
  • various water efficient choices he has made
  • and good gardening practices he is using.


Read more sustainable gardening tips

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