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Capturing rainwater and tips on installing your tank

Looking after your raintank asset

Looking after your raintank asset

Despite rising levels in our water storages, collecting rainwater for use in your garden or home is still as important as it has been in the past.

If you are interested in capturing rainwater from your roof, consider purchasing a low-cost downpipe diverter and soaker hose from your local hardware store.

For more information on how, visit the Right Water website.

Alternatively if you’re looking to install a tank, the following tool can calculate what size rainwater tank best suit your needs. CWW079_WaterTankIcon_-high-res-web-vers


Installing a rainwater tank – correct installation

To ensure you receive the benefits of your tank, it should be installed by a registered plumber.  Having your tank professionally installed will –

  • Include the backflow prevention measures necessary to avoid contaminated water entering City West Water’s drinking water supply.  More information on backflow prevention can be found on the City West Water website
  • Ensure the inclusion of mosquito screens on all inlet and outlet openings of the tank.
  • Consider if filters are necessary.  If using the water for drinking, a filter is required.  Check with your tank’s manufacturer for more details
  • Recommend a pump housing if outside elements may damage your pump and void your warranty.

To assist you further with your tank, read our articles on –


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