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For every minute less you take in the shower you can save between 9 and 40 litres of water

Sharing water saving tips with friends, family and neighbours is a fast way of increasing water savings

Many people flush a used tissue down the toilet. Save water by placing it directly in the bin as it ends up in the same place in the end after travelling through a treatment plant

By consulting your local nursery on plant selection and placement you could save hundreds of litres per year

Knowing where your master water shut off valve is will save a lot of water in times of emergencies such as a broken pipe

Rather than assuming your garden needs water a check of the soil moisture 5 to 7cm below the surface can give you a better idea of its needs. Soil moisture sensors are available at your local garden outlet

When cleaning a fish tank the water can be used on your garden as it contains rich nutrients

Adjusting your lawn mower to a higher setting will create a taller lawn which in turn shades the root system and holds soil moisture better

If your running shower fills a standard bucket in less than a minute it is not considered water efficient compared to models available on the current market

You can replace turf with shrubs or groundcovers to reduce water needs