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A person can live without food for a month yet they can only live without water for a week.

75% of the earth is covered in water yet only 1% can be used for drinking as most of the earth’s water supply is either salty or frozen

You will begin to feel thirsty when your body loses 1% of water….imagine how the environment feels in a drought.

Water must be important….the human brain consists of over 75% water.

It’s important to be water efficient. The average human drinks 60,566 litres of water in a lifetime.

Sheep have an issue with wasting water. They won’t drink from running water.

Elephants have had the ability to conserve water long before drought became an issue. They can store up to 5 litres of water in their trunks.

Tree canopy cover and other plantings can reduce asphalt temperatures of carparks by as much as 13°C, and cabin temperatures by 17°C

Hummingbirds hover in front of flowers while they collect nectar. They use so much energy to do this that it would be like you needing to eat 150kg of hamburgers every day

Oxygen produced by an acre of trees per year equals the amount consumed by 18 people annually. One tree produces nearly 120 kilograms of oxygen each year